In Term 4, 2022, our school organized students to sit for the “Chinese Proficiency Test”. This was the first time that the Test was resumed in the Sydney area since the outbreak of the pandemic. Seventy-six students from our school signed up for it. Some staff members from the testing centre came to our school to conduct the tests at different levels. Six students were unable to participate for some reason and had to arrange some other time to sit for the test at the centre.


The test results of the 70 students have reached us. Among them, 16 students scored full marks, some others scored almost full marks, and the rest all had satisfactory results.


Since 2004, our school has organized schools to participate in the "Chinese Proficiency Test" every year (except during the pandemic), and has won outstanding organization awards many times. This time, again, 16 students incredibly scored a full mark, which reflects the good teaching quality of our school's Chinese classes and the students' positive attitude in learning and active participation in our assessment programs.