The most important thing I have ever learnt
Throughout my life, I have learnt a lot of things, but two things, I believe, are the most important that can get me through my life. I have learnt the importance of teamwork and the leadership skills. You may have heard that breaking one stick is easy, but breaking a bunch of sticks is very hard. Leading a group may increase your burden, but once you know the right way of leading a group, people will start to admire you. There are two events in my life that reflected the importance of teamwork and leadership skills.
I have already participated in the Chinese New Year Parade for 2 years. Our team play the Chinese drums in the parade. For the first year, I was a drummer. Before the parade, we had to practise many times. This is because we needed everybody to keep up with the beat of the drums so our parade would sound spectacular. This is where teamwork comes in. If everybody cooperates and keeps up with the drum beat, then it will sound impressive, but if some people play slowly, and others play fast, then it will sound awful.
The day of the parade finally arrived. Everybody was very nervous. Some people had participated in the parade before, for some people it was their first time (like me). We thought our nerves would get the best of us, and we would play out of beat, but we knew there were hundreds of people watching us. Therefore, we all played the best we could. To our surprise, we were always on beat, which lead to deafening applauses for us. That demonstrated the importance of teamwork.
When I participated in the parade for the second time, I did not play the drums. Unfortunately, I had injured my ankle during a basketball session. The drum would be too heavy for me and it might worsen my ankle injury, so everybody suggested that I should lead the team. As our team was badly in need of a leader and I was tall enough for people to see, I gladly accepted the challenge. Yet, I realised that this task would increased my burden because that was the first time I ever lead a group. I started to think: “What if I did not lead my team properly? What would happen then? What ….” A bunch of worries ran through my mind, but I knew, since I already accepted the challenge, I had to do it successfully.
Once again, the day of the parade arrived. I was even more nervous than the last year since I was the team leader now. During the parade, even though I felt the pressure, I kept my calm and performed to the best I could. Halfway through the parade, I felt the pain in my arms, because I had to raise my arms and conducting our team by beat 2 sticks over my head for most of the parade to keep the team in beat. But I resisted the pain and finished the parade. As we beat the drum well, our team received great applauses all the way. At the end of the parade, I felt like I was about to lose both my arms, but I felt very happy because I had successfully lead the team through the parade with little unnoticeable mistakes. After that people started to admire me a bit. I realized leading a group properly is a very important skill in life.
Team work and leadership skills are not only important, but they can also help all of us in our life and future career. These two skills can reward us a lot, such as making a step forward in our future career, accomplishing a challenging task more successfully, or just simply winning complements from your teammates and others.