My love of Chinese language
My love of Chinese language
I loved the Chinese language, not because I have a Chinese background, but because of the majority of mature Chinese people in our country and our society today.
The majority of Chinese matures had convinced me in such a way for me to learn and study the Chinese language. When I was young, several mature Chinese people wanted to have a conversation with me, but I didn’t know how to speak the Chinese language, consequently I found it very foolish and disrespectful to speak to a mature using a language that is not their main. From that day on, the fact to learn the Chinese language had strongly persuaded me to learn the Chinese language, in order to respect and honour the mature and elders of a different country.
When I started learning the Chinese language, it was an absolute challenge for me, as I have never studied Chinese before in my life. It was very difficult and complicated in the beginning, but the more I read Chinese books and continue to practise writing Chinese words, the more I slowly start to feel, what it is like to be a Chinese and to speak the Chinese language. This changed my entire life, I didn’t just love the Chinese language, but I also loved the Chinese history, culture and I was proud of myself for having a Chinese background.
The Chinese language has helped me with dozens of concerns, such as speaking to a mature Chinese, building up my friendship, giving me the interests to study hard at school and so on. Over the last few years, I had not regretted my choice six years ago.
By Andy Yin