Jiangsu Province Cultural Immersion Autumn Camp, 2013
Jiangsu Province Cultural Immersion Autumn Camp, 2013
Sponsored by International Friendship Association of Jiangsu Province
In September 2012, the International Friendship Association of Jiangsu Province funded a Chinese Cultural Holiday Camp Program in Ashfield Boys High School. The whole program was jointly conducted by 14 teachers from Jiangsu Province and staff members of Sydney Datong Chinese School, which is a member of the Community Languages Schools Program of NSW Department of Education. Over 320 students of various ages and about 60 teachers participated in the program, which ran for 8 days and consisted of 8 cultural activities: Modern & Traditional Chinese Dances, Calligraphy, Martial Arts, Chinese Drums, Chinese Ink Paintings, Paper Cuttings, Chinese Knots and dough sculptures. The program achieved excellent outcomes, which were demonstrated by the grand display of handy craft works and students’ performances. Parents and teachers were overwhelmed by the achievements.
Follow-up project
In order to further the cooperation between Jiangsu Province and Chinese language education circles of NSW, the International Friendship Association of Jiangsu Province has extended an invitation to Sydney Datong Chinese School, offering Chinese language students in Sydney area an opportunity to participate in a Cultural Immersion Autumn Camp in the well-known historic city of Jiangyin. The whole program includes cultural activity lessons conducted in local schools and colleges, visits to historic sites (such as museums) and tourist destinations in Nanjing (provincial capital), Wuxi city and Taihu Lake scenic areas. Participants will have a chance to interact with local students and teachers and a home visit to these local students’ family. At the end the local students and our participants will jointly hold a concert to further promote their shared interest in Chinese language and culture and further cooperation between two Australia and China.
Further info regarding the camp
Jiangsu Province is one of the most developed and rich province in China. Five of its non-capital cities, including Wuxi, are ranked top 20 in China. Jiangyin is a well-known historic and well-developed city in China. The well-known Romance of the Three Kingdoms were filmed in the Three Kingdom City in Jiangyin. The education achievements are of top level in Jiangsu. Most importantly, the many of the hosting teachers for our program will include those who visited Sydney last year. They know well what our students love to learn and have the experience to conduct high quality cultural activity lessons.
Similar to other camps authorized by the Chinese Government, two doctors will travel and look after our participants throughout the whole program. And local police officers will also provide security services every day for the camp. Therefore, medical services and security issues are not an issue of concern. Besides, Sydney Datong Chinese School has organized similar trips either by itself or jointly with other organization, such as the Chinese Language Schools Association. We have effective regulations and rules for participants and their teachers and a behaviour contract agreement for our participants. Of course, extra teachers and camp assistant will be provided by the Chinese authority.
Not holding such a camp program in Beijing, Shanghai or other capital city may provide an opportunity to observe how China has developed in these couple of decades and to immerse in the daily ordinary school life in China.
Except for the flight ticket between Sydney and Nanjing, all the accommodations (at least three-star standard), meals and travel (even the entrance fee to museums of scenic sites) will be free.  We collect only around $150 per participant for the flight and work allowances of our teachers (5-6) and for buying some presents to the hosting schools and the Jiangsu Provincial International Friendship Association. We also need to buy participants means at the airport if we have to wait for a couple of hours on our way back to Sydney.
As the details of the cultural activity lessons, please refer to the program daily plan, part of which is translated into English already.
Xue Feng Zhang
Principal of Sydney Datong Chinese School
0425 242 696
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