中国寻根之旅冬\夏令营 活动规则
中国寻根之旅冬\夏令营 活动规则和注意事项
The Rules of the China Camp and Acknowledgements
一、基本要求General requirements
1、尊重老师和接待方工作人员,服从老师指令。Respect the teachers and Chinese local staffs. Obey your teacher’s instructions.
2、严守时间安排,不影响团队活动。Follow the time arrangements, do not affect group activities
3、团结友爱同学,不得与同学争吵打闹,有问题及时报告老师。 To be friendly and helpful to other students, do not argue and/or fight with others. Any problems should be reported to your teacher immediately
4、虚心学习,不要随意批评中国的人和事。遵守中国法律和规章。Be willing to learn with an open mind. Do not criticize the people or matters of China without any basis. Obey the laws and regulations of China.
5、不饮酒、不抽烟,不从事性行为。Drinking alcohol, smoking and participating in sexual activities are prohibited
二、报到 Arrival
1、报到后交护照照片1张(背面请写好中、英文姓名及出生年月日)、护照、签证复印件1份。On arrival, please hand in one passport-sized photo (with name both in Chinese and English and date of birth written on the back) and one photo copy of your passport and China entry visa page.
2、贵重物品请随身携带,机票、护照等可交由领队统一存入酒店保险柜。Keep valuables with you at all times. Air tickets and passports must be handed to group teachers and be kept in the hotel.
3、如需兑换人民币,可请工作人员到附近的中国银行或酒店协助办理。If students need to exchange to the Chinese currency, camp staff may help to arrange it in a local Chinese bank or the Hotel。
三、入住酒店 In Hotel
1、自由活动请在酒店范围内进行。如需单独外出需向领队和工作人员说明去向和时间,除非有老师或经领队认可的家长/亲属陪同,否则不得单独外出。晚上22:00前必须回到自己寝室就寝,不得逗留在其他房间。Students should only limit their activities within the hotel. If it is necessary to go out, students should report to group teachers the time and destination, unless teachers or authorized parents/relatives can accompany you. You are not allowed to go out of the hotel without a teacher. You must be in your own bedroom before 10:00 pm and must not stay in another person’s room.
2、准时就餐。Be punctual at meal time
3、离开房间时,请随手关门,确保房内财产安全。Make sure to lock the door when going        out to ensure the security of your properties.
4、如需要使用网络,可与工作人员联系,费用自理。If you need access to Internet, you        may contact a camp staff. This has to be paid by you.
5、酒店内部通话可直拨房间号。如需使用长途电话,请自行到酒店总台办理(需交纳押金,话费自理)。如需电话卡,可联系工作人员协助购买。The internal phones can be dialed by using the room number. For international calls you need to contact reception to have it arranged (by paying a deposit. The cost of the call is paid by you)
6、酒店提供洗衣服务(自费项目),将换洗衣物投至洗衣篮,并填写洗衣单即可。       Laundry services are provided by hotel (cost is paid by the user). Please leave clothing in        the basket provided and fill in the laundry form.
7、请爱护酒店内的物品设施,如有损坏,按照酒店标准赔偿。Please maintain the quality        of all hotel items. If damages occur, it should be paid for by the standards set by the hotel.
四、外出 Going Out
1、外出活动需随团进行,紧跟老师,避免走失。携带老师和酒店的电话号,以便万一走失时联系。It is required to go with your group and teacher to avoid being lost when going out. Keep the phone number of your teacher and the hotel well, in case of being lost, you can contact them.
2、保管好钱物、手机和照相机等,注意交通安全。Please take care of wallets, mobile phones and cameras. Pay attention to traffic safety.
3、切勿跟随陌生人离开团队。Do not follow strangers out of the group.
4、不要随意吃外面的食品,注意饮食卫生。Do not choose to eat outside randomly to        ensure hygiene of the food. 
五、上课及活动 Classes and Other Activities
1、坚持按时上课,不迟到,不早退。Make sure to attend classes, be punctual and don’t ask for an early exit.
2、积极参加各项活动,听从指挥和安排。Actively participate in various activities, follow instructions and arrangements.
3、尊重老师,认真听讲,按时完成老师布置的任务。Pay respect to teachers and listen in class teachings. Finish the assignments on time.
4、保持教室及活动场地清洁卫生。Keep classrooms and fields clean.
5、营员必须至少参予和完成领队所布置的一个课题(Project)。Students must complete        at list one of projects requested by camp organizer.
六、旅游 Sight seeing
1、景区内需短时徒步,建议穿着舒适的运动鞋。不要靠近危险的地方比如悬崖边、猛兽笼子。Please wear comfortable shoes as it may require some moderate walking at the scenic sites. Do not approach hazardous places such as edges of cliffs and cages of wild animals.
2、冬季温度较低,注意调整穿衣、保暖。夏季出行时,请注意防暑和涂抹防晒霜。Winter tends to be cold, please dress properly to protect yourself from the low temperatures. In the summer,please protect from strong sunlight and use sun cream when is going out.
3、请务必恪守时间,不得擅自离队,听从领队和工作人员的安排。Follow the time frame given. Do not leave the group without notifying teachers and leaders. Obey staff and group leader’s arrangements.
4、文明出游,不大声喧哗,注意保护景区环境。Be a civilized citizen and not be noisy. Protect the environment in scenic spots.