English Writing Lessons

English Writing Lessons

DATONG Chinese Saturday School (Ashfield) offers English lessons for primary school students of years 2,3,4,5 and 6. The lessons will be given by a qualified teacher John P.  who has 30 years teaching experience.

Every Saturday morning he will be teaching English writing and he will help your child improve in Writing, Spelling, Punctuation, Comprehension and Conversation.

He will also help your child prepare for the following primary school tests:

A.      ELLA test (English Language and Literacy Assessment) for year 3 and 5.

B.      OC test (Opportunity Class) test for year 5 students.

C.      Selective High School test for year 6 students.

The teacher will do various language activities and use a language text book to help your child build or enhance his/her vocabulary.

Please contact us on 9898 9281, 0402 168 371 and 0425 242 696 or come in person any Saturday for more information.