School Rules of Datong Chinese School

School Rules of Datong Chinese School



1.      Be punctual to attend school. Notify school for absence and ask permission from teacher if you need to leave early. Stay in school during school hours. Never play in the streets around the school.


2.      Be attentive in class. Complete and submit homework on time.


3.      Respect teachers and elders and accept teacher’s instruction modestly. Be friendly to fellow pupils and behave in good manner. 


4.      Do not damage school property and plants. Do not draw on walls and tables.


5.      Keep a quiet learning environment.


6.      Keep classrooms clean and tidy. Eat only outside of classroom.


7.      Report to teacher immediately if any accident happens.

8.      Notify school if you have changed address and telephone number.


Parents, please note:


It is important for you and your children to read through the above rules together so that your children are aware of the importance of safety. In case your children are not in the mood for attending the school, please take your children to a staff member instead of leaving your children at the school gate. In case you cannot come to pick up your children in time, please let our staff know about it. Phone number: 0425 242 696.